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Kilimo srl is a company founded in January 2008 with the aim of providing consulting and assistance services in  drug clinical trial , in the context of the implementation of experimental protocols.
Kilimo srl supports clients in the application of ethical principles and regulatory aspects to maximize the benefits derived from scientific research.

The services provided by Kilimo srl among others concern:
- Review of experimental protocols and study procedures
- Requests to ethics committees and competent authorities
- Scientific support to researchers and client sponsors
- Monitoring of data derived from the experimentation
- Support aimed at the administrative obligations associated with conducting trials
Kilimo srl is based in Italy where it operates from its offices.


Kilimo srl undertakes to provide support to clinical research to guarantee the quality of the generated data
 and at the same time the surveillance on the mandatory aspects of safety, dignity and rights of
Kilimo srl preferably involves personnel with experience in the context of clinical research, which has
operated in hospitals in the
typical roles dedicated to figures such as CRA, pharmacist, research nurse
or clinical trial coordinator.
The choice of staff is a key point of Kilimo srl that wants carrying out the
complexes activities
 associated with the conduct of clinical trials in the national and international context in the best way possible.
The activity of experimentation is typically carried out in the experimental centers together with other clinical activities and
requires a specific management on which the quality of the experiments depends, that is, among the
other things, the completeness and correctness of the data generated, respect for the dignity and rights of the participants and the compliance with the necessary authorizations by the Ethics Committees and Competent Authorities.
For this purpose Kilimo srl:
 is committed to operate in compliance with the rules of good clinical practice
 has put in place a quality control system that regulates its operation
 provides for scheduled and ad hoc update sessions.

The management of Kilimo srl gives priority to prevention over the elimination of errors.
Opportunities and risks are regularly analyzed and evaluated. Among the external suppliers  are privileged
which ensure first-rate assistance, excellent quality standards and costs in line with the market.
Within this context of references, the director defines general and specific objectives that come
formalized in the report of the review and shared with the staff through constant internal updates.
Project management has the ability to combine control and collaboration, clarity on the objectives of
design and visibility of internal organizational processes. All collaborators contribute to the management of
business processes. Suppliers are selected and considered from the outset in decision-making processes, for
sharing our needs and customer expectations.
Kilimo srl is considered a reliable partner. It pays constant attention to the evolution and development of its own
market sector, in order to be always updated, as the success of its customers runs
parallel to his own, therefore commercial relations are collaborative and lasting.
Kilimo srl guarantees fair compensation to its staff, who have the opportunity to complete a path of
professional growth also tailored to individual needs and to operate in a work environment
pleasant and serene. Continuous training and the development of individual skills are encouraged,
generating greater flexibility in performance, accountability and personal motivation.
Kilimo srl pursues the approach of continuous improvement, according to a corporate strategy and
behavioral, encouraging each person to make small changes every day, the effect of which
overall becomes a process of selection and improvement of the entire Organization.

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